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About us

The recovery, conservation and transmission of the folclore from the different regions of our country was the main goal of the local and provincial groups of Coros y Danzas (Choruses and Dances) from Spain, created from 1939, within the Sección Femenina del Movimiento Nacional (Female Section of the National Movement).

In the 1940s, the different groups of the different towns in our province get started, in which the tasks of investigation, recovery and transmission of the dances were still made by the elderly ones.

It will be from 1950 when the Group of Coros y Danzas of Granada achieves the level that takes it to represent Spain in the most prestigious festivals of folclore and international events.

Groups of Coros y Danzas from all the provinces took part in championships and regional and national contests, and even from 1948 the most relevant groups made international tours, acting in embassies and cultural centers from other countries.

It was since then when the group from Granada made its first tour over Middle East, following Cuba, the USA (in the Universal Exhibition of New York in 1964), Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Morocco, and so on.

Besides this, the group of Coros y Danzas of Granada had the honour of winning in two occasions the first prize of the National Contest, in which “Antonio el bailarín” was a member of the jury.

With the political changes, the coming of the democracy and the elimination of the Sección Femenina, there was a risk that the groups of Coros y Danzas could have disappeared. But their members took part in the matter and this allowed that the tasks of recovery, conservation and transmission of the Spanish folclore followed its course.

In this way, in the year 1978, the “Asociación Provincial de Miembros y Amigos de Coros y Danzas Regionales y Arte flamenco de Granada” (Provincial Association of Members and Friends of Regional Choruses and Dances and of Flamenco Art of Granada) is formed, that it was right away renamed with just “Asociación Provincial de Coros y Danzas de Granada” (Provincial Association of Choruses and Dances of Granada). They were having the same objectives as before, but now in a more autonomous way, that is, without any dependence from a state institution, autonomous or local. To run this task, the Association has, from their beginnings, the “Escuela de Folclore de Coros y Danzas de Granada” (School of Folclore of Choruses and Dances of Granada), to which thousands of boys and girls have gone.

Within the tasks of conservation and transmission of the popular traditions, the Asociación de Coros y Danzas de Granada has organised and taken part in several activities related with the world of the folclore, such as contests, conferences, summits, regional costumes exhibitions, editing of audiovisual media, and Folclore Festivals, both national and international, visiting countries like Puerto Rico, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Morocco, Hungary, Greece or Switzerland.

Moreover, they have shown the folclore from Granada and Andalucia to their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, in TV programmes like “Gente Joven”, “Tal como somos”, “Senderos de Gloria”, and in numerous editions of the International Music and Dance Festival of Granada that is celebrated every year in the Generalife Gardens.

In the year 1993 the Association was declared Association of Cultural Interest to a national level and from 1996 is a full member of the “Federación de Asociaciones de Coros y Danzas de España” (FACYDE) (Federation of Associations of Choruses and Dances of Spain), where the most selected folclore groups of the national scene are gathered.






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