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Bolera School

We understand for Bolera School or Palillos Dance (both terms are similar) a style of dance that began developing in Andalucía and that basically, consisted of the transformation of certain popular dances into dances of professional exhibition, reinvented in dance academies. The system followed by these schools was similar to the method that classical ballet implied, by which they probably got inspired, creating a technique that applied to the dances, which were submerged to permanent structures, preventing all kind of improvisation on the part of the dancer.

As it is widely known, the Bolera School comes from the French style of the popular dances that there were in the 18th century in Spain. This style happened gradually and unconsciously without knowing when and how. Because of this, it is very difficult to categorize today which steps are original from the Bolera School and which are not.

From this dance style we keep:

  • Panaderos from the Flamenca
  • Olé from the Curra
  • Bolera Sevillanas
  • Bolero from Jaén
  • Petenera dance
  • Malagueñas






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