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The Costume from the Alpujarra and the Southern Area

The Alpujarra area is located on the southern side from the mountains of Sierra Nevada. The Alpujarra costume is found in the different places from the sierra and the southern country places of our province, even reaching the coast.

The skirt or woolen refajo, made with fabrics from Arabic origin, with coloured stripes or borders on the lower part is the main protagonist of this costume. It also has a blouse or satin bodice (black or white, depending on the area), a woolen coloured handkerchief over the shoulders, a woolen single coloured apron with a white line, in a rectangular form and pulled up in its two extremes forming a little bag where to keep the grain used for the planting, woolen and coloured striped tights and esparteras (wadges with esparto grass on the sole) tied with coloured laces. The hair is decorated with country flowers.

The man is wearing rolled up corduroy trousers, a white shirt, an embroidered girdle, a handkerchief tied to the neck and esparto espadrilles.







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