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Granada Capital City Northern Area Alpujarra and Southern Area Coast Flamenco

The Costume from the Coast

The traditional wear of these places is lighter and fresher than in the mountain areas and presents relevant influences from the nearby Malaga with the undeniable influence of the Verdiales.

The woman is wearing a light fabric skirt with flowery patterns and bright colours and a flounce in the lower part decorated with coloured ribbons. With the skirt, she is wearing a cotton white blouse with short sleeves and decorations of crochet and ribbons, a satin black apron and a coloured handkerchief over the shoulders with or without fringes. The hair is pulled up in a bun, decorated with country flowers. For footwear, they use canvas sandals with coloured laces.

The male costume is composed of corduroy trousers, a white shirt, and a broad brim straw hat to cover the head. The hat for the parties was decorated with coloured ribbons on the back and flowers and stuck mirrors all over the surface. He is wearing canvas sandals made of esparto grass or also called albarcas.







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