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The Flamenco Costume

The flamenco costume is the most characteristic and eye-catching element in the flamenco world. It is nearly impossible to mark some limits, due to the countless variety of designs that fashion has produced. It is basically a long and tight dress that reaches the ankles and is ornamented with several flounces that are placed both in the skirt and the sleeves. They are made in vivid colours, both in single coloured and patterned designs, but the most typical dresses are the ones made with dots. The dress is usually worn with the hair pulled up in a bun frilled with flowers and coloured combs and as complements they are accompanied by a long fringed shawl over the shoulders. For footwear, they use heeled shoes.

The dress was first used by the gipsy women, but with the time it has been popularised as the traditional Andalusian costume, and it is the one used to go to all kind of Fairs and Romerías (a procession or pilgrimage, a celebration of a saint´s day held close to a country church or shrine). The origin of the costume is placed at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, when the gipsy sellers went to the fairs with the cattle dealers dressed up with humble gowns with flounces to go to work. As soon as they could, the high classes copied the dress from the country workers. It is the only costume that it is being used today.

The man is wearing long high-waisted trousers with suspenders, a frilly white shirt and a short jacket. The suit is complemented with the popular Cordobés (from Córdoba) hat, or broad brim hat, a sash on the waist and leather boots, also called camperas.







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