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The Granada Capital City Costume

In Granada, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the fierce processes of change and the appearance of a settled down bourgeoisie, enriched with the trade and the new productions, make come to the city new influences and tastes that are reflected, among other things, in the dressing.

The female costume of Granada is composed of a coloured satin skirt, decorated in the bottoms with madrońeras (a typical Spanish decoration similar to a ball) of silk thread or dark laces. In the top part, she is wearing a velvet bodice, darker than the skirt, tight to the body and with bobbin lace on the chest, the neck and the sleeve. The hair is pulled up in a low bun and decorated with a small ornamental comb and a goyesque style mantilla of lace and tulle, also possibly decorated with flowers. As part of the decoration, she is wearing coral earrings, also called gitanillas, and a necklace with a cameo tied up to a velvet ribbon. She is also wearing cotton white tights and high heeled black shoes.

The man is wearing a black suit with a short jacket decorated with beaded fringes, a frilly white shirt and a satin bowtie. Up on his head, he is wearing a catite velvet black hat (a typical Andalusian hat characterised by a conical shape on the top part) over a patterned or plain coloured handkerchief tied to the back of the neck. On the waist he is wearing a woolen girdle embroidered with flowers. He is wearing leather boots and leather polainas (a sort of leggings).



With these costumes, the young people from the capital filled the salons and academies from Granada in that time that had adopted these Andalusian dances rescued from the Escuela Bolera (Bolera School).







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